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Variants and Optional Modules

TWave T8 has a wide variety of optional software modules and utilities that allow the customization of the system to meet any particular requirements.

There are available three predefined configurations: Supervisor, Diagnostic, Turbomachinery. The system may also be adapted to any specific needs, upon request, so customers only pay for the functions to be used.

We offer two different T8 hardware variants: the compact T8-M and the T8-L which includes four additional static inputs (two of them can be set as tachometer inputs).


This compact version (119 x 95 x 27 mm) offers 8 high-speed dynamic inputs and includes an auxiliary connector for Expansion Modules.


This version is just 4 cm longer than the T8-M, offers the same 8 high-speed dynamic inputs and includes 4 additional static inputs.

SM Simultaneous Capture
PB Prebuffering
DS Data Storage
OV Online Value Widget
PM Parameter Matrix Widget
MM Mimic Widget
WV Waveform Widget
SP Spectrum Widget
DM Demodulation
ET Extend Processing Blocks
OT Order Tracking
SW Spectrum Waterfall
OB Orbit Widget
AC Advanced Capture
LW Long Waveforms
PH Phase Tools
MB Modbus

* Optional for all setups

Preconfigured setups


Includes the essential features for the supervision of industrial machinery.



Includes most typical graphs and functions required for analysis of industrial machinery.



Includes the advanced graphs and tools required for most sophisticated analysis of industrial machinery.



IP65 Box

Robust metal enclosure with high IP rating (IP65), designed to meet the conditions of industrial environment.

  • Includes cable glands for sensor connection.
  • Includes 24 Vdc power supply. Can be connected directly to AC power mains.
  • Capacity for up to two units of TWave T8-L.
  • Options: Include modem for direct wireless communications (Wifi/4G).

Mobility Case

Small and robust industrial case with external BNC connectors. Allows using the T8 as a portable instrument.

  • Includes one unit of TWave T8-L.
  • Several BNCs and a M12 connector allow connecting accelerometers, tachometers or other sensors.
  • Includes an external 24 Vdc power supply. Can be connected directly to any AC power mains.
  • Includes an internal modem for wireless communications (Wifi/4G).

Expansion Modules

Add auxiliary inputs and outputs to the compact T8-M variant by using external hardware connected through the Expansion Port.

Default Expansion Module adds 4 auxiliary analog inputs and 4 relay outputs. Customized Expansion Module configurations are available upon request:

  • Analog inputs: voltage/current inputs, up to 100 SPS, 16 bit, ±24V
  • Tachometer inputs
  • RTD (Pt100) inputs
  • Relay outputs: 250Vac, 5A, SPDT
  • 4/20 mA analog current outputs
  • Customized modules available upon request

Partner Products

North Protection Ltd

NORTH Protection Ltd. is specialized in installation, commissioning and maintenance of Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS). The company is also engaged in development, design and production of special measuring and test devices, which serve mainly as additional tools for CMS and other measurement devices.

The signal calibrators, sensor simulators and sensor checkers manufactured by NORTH Protection are unique in the market and a great complement to TWave products.